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Writings & Resources

Digital Wellness Resources 

Digital Wellness Institue (use code TRACY for 10% off DWI CEU course)


Deep Work, Cal Newport 

Digital Minimalism, Cal Newport

Bored and Brilliant, Manoush Zomorodi 

The Future of Happiness, by Amy Blankson

Indistratable, by Nir Eyal


Scientists You Must Know: Intel Founder Gordon E. Moore

Solitude Deprivation (a quick clip from Cal Newport) 

TEDx: Connected by Alone by Sherry Turkle

The Self-Imprisoning Paradox of Social Media by Esther Perel


- How to Adjust PC Monitor Brightness and Suggested Software - PCMag 

- "The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has long recommended that children have no screen time at all before age 2, and that older kids should have no more than two hours of screen time per day." Sep 28, 2015

- Links and tips for Cyber Security from Amy Blankson: Check out this free and safe tool from the University of Cambridge that tells you what information can be extracted about you (i.e., your personality, your preferences) based on your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin data (if you have one). Revisit your privacy settings in your most-used apps on your phone and or browser and adjust to your comfort level. Here are some helpful websites for how to go about it. Share your experience with your classmates in the community forum before starting the next section.

Google Chrome Privacy Settings 

Instagram Privacy Settings

Facebook Privacy Settings

Snapchat Privacy Settings

Whatsapp Privacy Settings

Google Privacy Settings

Youtube Privacy Settings

Amazon Privacy Settings


‘Phubbing’ Is Hurting Your Relationships. Here’s What It Is by Time Magazine

The Mind-Body Connection by Kaiser Permanente


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