Specific Remedies and Specialty Offerings

Be it residential, professional, or commercial, the spaces in which we spend our time are worthy of extra love and attention.

Nested Digital Wellness

Examining the overlap of the home and habits around technology to improve focus, productivity, and the health of our relationships. Includes


Nested Digital Feng Shui

Organization a laptop, desktop, files, tabs, history 


Nested Tech for Kids 

Tracy works with your children to cultivate healthy habits and decrease tech use through feng shui principals and intuitive energetic evaluation

Nested Tech Placement

Let Tracy teach you to feel out the best places for tech in the home based on the latest digital wellness research and feng shui principles for balance


Nested Sleep

Enhance rest and romance, eliminate restlessness.

Nested Child

Collaborative, intentional tidying up and decorating to shape a supportive sleep and play space they can take pride in.  

Nested Feng Shui Improve Through Intuitive Improvision 

Transforming a space with what’s already in it.


Nested Abundance

Feng Shui for money includes an intention-setting session and a personalized meditation to manifest financial success.


Nested Love: Feng Shui for Love

Finding a soulmate by making space for a soulmate.  


Nested Kitchen for Healthy Eating

A holistic approach to eating disorders and/or food sensitivity, as well as tidying the kitchen.  


Nested Next Steps 

Feng Shui for high school seniors. Help to find their flow and path by downsizing their rooms and discussing their options.


Nested Dorm

Solutions for dorm rooms, children's rooms, bunk beds, closet space, etc., while maintaining balance with other residents.


Nested Space Clearing

Releasing old energy and bringing in new fresh energy.


Nested Empty Nesters

Solutions to accommodating the needs around a college student moving in or out


Nested Feng Shui for the Car

Tools to make vehicle travel safe and supportive, from commuting to road trips.

Nested Home Offices

Improve focus and productivity at work, and keep job stress from filtering into family space.


Nested Real Estate

Make your property more attractive to prospective buyers.

Interior Design and Feng Shui for Vacation Rentals


Nested Entrance

Enhance the sensation of coming home: leave your problems at the door.


Nested Health and Hygiene

Organize and optimize bathrooms and mess kits.

Nested Trauma Support 

Feel safe in your space so you can do the work to feel safe with yourself 

Nested Rituals

Establishing supercharged habits by rooting them in the home and how it’s inhabited.

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