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Seasonal Offerings

Spending more time at home?

Easily refresh your space with a personalized list of the ten feng shui + digital wellness remedies to make to your space so you feel more balanced and at ease no matter what is going on in the outside world.

Nested Feng Shui's Digital Wellness Audit

(Virtual Exchange)

Want a Seasonal Shift?

Moving into fall means packing away the summer clothes and pulling out the cozy coats and comfy socks. While you are at it, might as well do de-clutter and make space for new intentions. Find the best feng shui with what you already have with virtual guidance from Tracy.

Nested Feng Shui's Seasonal Shift


Specific Remedies

Nested Wellness

Make your space support a more healthy and fulfilling like. Sleep better, eat mindfully, and optimize your health and hygiene rituals. Combine all of these specialties into a package or schedule an individuals session to address one. 



Nested Sleep

Enhance rest and romance, eliminate restlessness.

Nested Kitchen for Healthy Eating

A holistic approach to eating disorders and/or food sensitivity, as well as tidying the kitchen.  

Nested Health and Hygiene

Organize and optimize bathrooms and mess kits.

digital feng shui, digital wellness, and the Nested Technology package

can be added to this package

Nested Technology

Balance now needs to include the digital spaces we inhabit in addition to our homes and offices. Combine all of these specialties into a package or schedule an individuals session to address a specific area. 

Nested Digital Wellness

Examining the overlap of the home and habits around technology

to improve focus, productivity, and the health of your relationships.

Nested Digital Feng Shui

Organization a laptop, desktop, files, tabs, history 

Nested Tech Placement

Let Tracy teach you to feel out the best places for tech in the home

based on the latest digital wellness research and feng shui principles for balance


Nested Tech for Kids 

Tracy works with your children to cultivate healthy habits

and decrease tech use through feng shui principals and intuitive energetic evaluation

Nested Children and Teens can include any or all of the Nested Technology offerings

Nested Children and Teens

Children require support to succeed. In addition to great parents, why not make your child's' physical and digital spaces support their wellness and growth. 

Nested Child

Collaborative, intentional tidying up and decorating to shape a supportive

sleep and play space they can take pride in.


Nested Next Steps 

Feng Shui for high school seniors.

Help to find their flow and path by downsizing their rooms and discussing their options.

Nested Dorm

Solutions for dorm rooms, children's rooms, bunk beds, closet space, etc,

while maintaining balance with other residents.

Nested Empty Nesters

Solutions to accommodating the needs of a family while a college student moves in or out

and everyone adjusts to the changes in the home. 

Nested Home

Feng Shui focuses on enhancing positive energy like love, money, friendships for an "auspicious" space or home. Combine all of these offerings for a classical traditional feng shui consultation or pick and choose to fit your needs.

Nested Abundance

Feng Shui for money includes an intention-setting session and a personalized meditation to manifest financial success.


Nested Love: Feng Shui for Love

Finding a soulmate by making space for a soulmate.  

Nested Entrance

Enhance the sensation of coming home: leave your problems at the door.

Nested Rituals

Establishing supercharged habits and everyday rituals by rooting them in the home and how it is inhabited.


Nested Space for Success

The spaces we spend time in while commuting or working can be easily optimized to support your success.


Nested Feng Shui for the Car

Tools to make vehicle travel safe and supportive, from commuting to road trips.


Nested Feng Shui for Commutes

Build best practices for packing up in the morning and mindful rituals for optimizing your community time to avoid digital distraction, the cyber scroll, and the digital rabbit hole. 


Nested Office

Classical feng shui has specific remedies basic on compass readings for improved productivity and focus, 

as well as best-practices for organization and clearing clutter to enhance your office and usher in abundance. 

Nested Home Offices

Improve focus and productivity at work, and keep job stress from filtering into family space.

Specialty Business Offerings 

Nested Healing Spaces

Tracy has worked with massage therapists, acupuncture practices, and psychologists to ensure their spaces support comfort and healing. 


Nested Healing Office 

Balance your space with feng shui + digital wellness practices to support both you and your clients. 

Nested Healing: Feng Shui for Trauma Recovery

Feel safe in your space so you can do the work to feel safe with yourself 

Special focus on entering and exiting the space safely and with outcross contamination during COVID-19

Example of an Acupuncture Office after a two-hour feng shui +digital wellness session

Nested Properties

Tracy has worked with companies, corporations, and real estate agents to increase positive energy and usher in success and is happy to explore if your property requires special attention to release stuck energy and usher in abundance.


Nested Real-Estate

Make your property more attractive to prospective buyers.

Interior Design and Feng Shui for Vacation Rentals

Nested Space Clearing

Releasing old stuck energy and bringing in new positive fresh energy.

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