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Family Ritutals for Healthy Tech Routines

Hello Moms, Dads, and caretakers.

These are a few on my favorite resoruces for peace of mind for parents and the tools I use to physialize digital wellness.

First, we figure out how we are feeling. From there we look at what we want (to feel safe, to spend less time on my phone, ect.). For a more research informed understanding of what we want in the digial age, at Nested Feng Shuiwe pull on the build digital welless reserach and look at the Digital Floushing Wheel.

Once we identify want me want we see what we have control of and can focus on and build riutals using out personal space to support our goals.

For a deeper dive, schedule a virtual one-on-one or family session. Sliding scale prices are avalaible at this time. Reach out in the contact session.

“How we live with technology

is the cultural issue of the next half-century”

- New York Times

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