October 1, 2018

After reading about the value of decorating for the holidays: about the play, the joy, the community and excitement holiday decorating brings with the "DECORATE AND CELEBRATE: THE FENG SHUI OF HOLIDAY DECOR" blog post  you may be thinking, but how...






Ribbon is easy to get, inexpensive, and adds a lot. Check the 99cent store or online. Tie in large bows and hang it on the door, drape is around a mantle place, tie it to chairs, add it as an accent to drapes, limitless options.


Window Decals

Beyond simple, super inexpensive, reusable, and easy to store for the next year are festive window decals. These can usually be found at the dollar store, 99cent store, grocery stores, or online (if we are goin' for something large and epic). 



Cheep, easy to order online or find at a party store, plus some tape, some time and little creativity, and bam, any space can be instantly festive. For fall stick to oranges, reds, browns (fall leaves color palette). For Halloween, orange, black, purple, maybe some green if we are into the whole frankenstein's monster aesthetic. An easy an amazing set up is branching off from the dinning room chandelier or light fixture. Streamer door curtains are fun for a night--just tape individual stands to the top of the doorway. Streamer garlands are great for inside or very dry outside locations. gently tie or tape streamers to a string and there will be instant color. 



We can never have too many flowers in Feng Shui--well that is not exactly true, but it is always nice to have a living thing that we can care for around. During the fall most grocery stories have a variety of red, yellow, and orange house plants that are a great way to jazz up the space. Marigolds are a bright orange or red flower closely associated with the Day of the Dead. Flower look great as a centerpiece on a dining table, on a mantle, or outside framing the front door or walkway. 


Pumpkins and Gourds

Be BEST part of the fall is that all of sudden pumpkin and gourds become the most beautiful, trendy, useful decor item. It is glorious. What makes them marvelous is that they come in a variety of sizes and can fit any space, they come in a variety of color and can fit any fall color platte, and often we can eat them after we use them as eye candy. Like flowers, pumpkins and gourds can be placed on a mantle, framing the front door, and as a center piece or table decoration. They also work well hiding out piled in various nooks and crannies, and of course, on Halloween they make amazing jack-o-lanters. When in doubt, go for the super simple and inexpensive mini-pumpkins in vase or carve them out as a candle holder. 



Mix and match these option. Pumpkin flower pot, jack-o-lantern puking streamers, decal on a pumpkin work when we are not feeling up to craving. Remember, in Feng Shui when we are creating with positive intentions, all options correct. 



Leafs for days. Everywhere used for everything.









Thank you for reading :) we wish you well!

~Nested Feng Shui 





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