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A Bathroom That Breeds Abundant Health and Wealth

Abundant health is born in the bathroom. The dream bathroom is a space that allows us to feel safe and secure pampering ourselves. Our bodies crave our individualized attention and the time it takes to slow down and actually check in with ourselves. Establishing a bathroom we love is the first step towards healthy habits and holistic health.

There are a variety of ways to approach any situation. When embarking on a bathroom remodel (or facelift if you are in a rental) Feng Shui is the optimal approach for redesigning a supportive bathroom space. This piece explores some unexpected and quick tips I frequently revel to my clients for creating a bathroom space that breeds abundance in both health and money.

The bathroom is governed by the element water. In Feng Shui water is associated with wealth, prosperity, career, and cash flow. Bathrooms are more commonly associated with elimination and cleansing. With this knowledge, lets explore bathroom remedies.

1. Proper ventilation is key in a bathroom. If our toothbrush is going to be enclosed in a room with a toilette it is important to make sure that any and all air particles that do not serve us are making there way out. Ideally that is a window that can be opened and closed, bear minimum is a fan. Proper ventilation is also important because it prevents mold. Proper ventilation decreases the chance of illness and allergies.

2. No dripping faucets or dirty fixtures, this represents wasting money.

3. Clutter: There is no need for anything unused. Clear all the unnecessary or expired items out of the bathroom.

4. Blue or white bathrooms tend to have an intense overwhelming energy. This is because blue and white are water element colors and the bathroom already has enough water. Avoid blue or bright white bathrooms.

5. Keep the bathroom door closed and toilette lid down to prevent Chi from flowing down the drain (as well as for sanitary reasons).

6. Ferns are nice in a bathroom. They can make a harsh space feel gentile.

7. Begin a practice of keeping the sink and shower drains closed while not in use, because water represents wealth and we do not want to let any down the drain unnecessarily.

8. For those super concerned about wealth and abundance, a green or earth colored rug at the base of the toilet (or if you are me an entire floor of emerald fake grass) will prevent wealth loss.

There are of course more tips and it is always easiest to make changes with individualized guidance from a Feng Shui Consultant.

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