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Feng Shui for High School Juniors and Seniors

Blowing in the Wind is Nested Feng Shui's offering for teens in transition. High school juniors and seniors face all kinds of hurdles and road blocks as they transition into adulthood. Feng Shui is the perfect tool to help them adjust mental, physicals, and spiritually.

Do you feel lost navigating the steps that come after high school or college? Do you not know where to begin downsizing your childhood bedroom? Want some insight on the options available or some help landed and feeling good bout your decisions surrounding college and moving away?

Tracy, Feng Shui Consultant and Nested Feng Shui founder, is here to help.

Tracy has breath of knowalge about mind body and spirit which allows her to gracefully ground and guide you (or you if you are the parents of a teen, than your teen) during this exciting--and often overwhelming time.

The goal is not to give advice, but rather to make sure every and all possible support is in place for your teen to feel secure in their next steps. Offerings include:

  • a an in initial one too two hour deep clean and tidy and downside to streamline the transition to college

  • a private portrait session or photoshoot

  • assistance with formulating essay content and structure

  • expert advice on resume, with a focus on personalized presentation and layout

  • guidance on building a LinkedIn

  • personalized twenty minute yoga flow to do in the morning or at night to facilitate mindfulness in a multitude of ways (connecting mind, body, and spirit).

  • personalized or specialized curated meditations

  • quick tips on how to avoid date rape and sexual assault

  • Feng Shui for the phone (clearing unused apps to increase mental bandwidth)

  • Feng Shui for files (computer or hard copy)

Each client picks and chooses that offerings they feel drawn to for their "Blowing in the Wind" package to meet their personal needs.

In general, Tracy clients pay for her time ($225-$350 an hour). She recognizes that not everyone can afford these rates and often will allow trades or find clients who are wiling to sponsor another client. Equal energy exchanges welcome. Reach out with questions.

The beauty of utilizing with Tracy's Feng Shui and other skills as a high school senior or junior is that Tracy truly understands the anxiety and intensity of this transition, she was there less than a decade ago. More importantly, her background as a Feng Shui Consultant and Yoga teacher has taught her deep listening, so enlisting her help will mean more guidaince and mental support than unsolicited advice. She is full of stories to help inform your college making decision since she attended four different colleges before landing happily at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) and creating her specialized major in Storytelling. She can talk about attending an all girls college like Smith in Northahnptom MA. She can share her experience of studying abroad at the Institute Catolique in Paris. She can expand on the value of taking Yoga Teacher Training at a young age. She is an especially good resource for discussing community colleges, like Mira Costa College, and dismantling the shame that surround attending them as well as the benefits like: saving money, get GE's out the way, smaller class sizes, and in the case of Mira Costa world class art rooms and classes taught by local artists, as well as yoga classes taught by world renowned teachers at a fraction of a usual class price. Furthermore, prior to UCSD Tracy road tripped up and down the California coast staying with friends in dorms and their homes getting-the-vibe for almost every major campus in California, as well as the major ones on the East Coast like Columbia, Harvard, Yale, Amherst, to name a few.

Surviving being a teenager in the twenty first century is an astodunign feat. The abunce of information makes it feline options are limitless, white at the same time is facilitates social media and advertising further confining us into little boxes. There is a lot of pressure on teen to pick the right school, take the right classes, make the right friends and that often cuts off their creativity and ability to check in with themselves and know what they truly want and what will work best for them.

Feng Shui means "wind water." It is a practive of learning how energy flows and the most gentle, graceful, grounded ways to exist amoungs the elements content changes. Initially developed for finding auspicious building locations Feng Shui and the idea of falling into flow can be expanded out to all walks of life, particular during major transitions like the ones high school seniors face.

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