Since Watching The Social Dilema

suggested steps for de-programing oneself and balance

Tech experts sound the alarm on the dangerous human impact of social networking.

  1. Got rid of news apps

    • like Apple News, Google News, 

    • There are only recommended, no ability to search which is an example of monatizing on inpercetable change of human behavior try to mute them outside of the banners/notifications.

    • Good NYTimes. 

  2. Try to escape the idea of "everyone has their own truth."

  3. Organized the main home screen

    • Try only functional tools on the home screen like: settings, camera, photos, phone, messenger, AND/OR only what be on an old flip phone. 

  4. YouTube: timelimit, remove all notifications, move so harder to access. 

  5. Facebook: timelimit, remove all notifications, move so harder to access. 

  6.  IG: timelimit,  remove all notifications, move so harder to access.

  7. While you are at it remove all notifications, why do you need them? Only things you need to check in the moment. 

  8. Establish a "Communication Charter" 

  9. Take your phone out of the bedroom. Do not distrub. 

“How we live with technology

is the cultural issue of the next half-century”

- New York Times

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