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Large Apartment/Home Feng Shui

Advanced in depth consultation with Tracy for a full apartment/house

  • 1 hour
  • depends on house
  • Brooklyn

Service Description

Service Description This is a thorough and dedicated service to optimize your entire apartment/home and analyze ways to improve it based on all your family members. This is for an apartment or house with 2-6 bedrooms. For anything more please contact separately. This is a two-part meeting. The structure goes like this: 1. Once you make a booking, we will send you an email to confirm the timing based on your time zone. During this time, we will decide on a preferred mode of contact via social media or email. Then please send pictures, or videos, and floorplans. For this service, we will require a digital floor plan that is accurate and to scale. 2. On the day of the meeting, we will talk about your lifestyle, discuss your apartment, and we will tell you what to do or how we can improve the space. 3. After the meeting, we will look into the various options of laying out your home. 4. We will schedule a second meeting to talk in-depth about the proposals made and how to go about them 5. There will be a 3rd and final follow-up meeting when you have moved the furniture to discuss how you feel after, and any improvements. This is not scheduled and is free in addition to the original time frame. Some of the work can take place before the meeting, where we will analyze the space and come up with options. The actual meeting needs to be about 1 hour long. Supported platforms are Whatsapp and Zoom, but if you prefer not to have a video call, we can do it via email or messages. If you are located in London, we can meet up in person. *Sometimes the rooms in your home are already in the most optimal arrangement, in that case, we will focus on how to optimize for other areas. Please book only if you feel that your apartment can be changed for the better or has scope for improvement. *Booking times should reflect your time zone, but to be clear, appointments are carried out between 12pm and 6pm EST. If you are unable to make these times, book the closest time and we will try to accommodate. *For larger projects (like Doctors/Wellness Offices) please enquire. * YOU WILL RECEIVE A PERSONAL EMAIL WITHIN 24 HOURS OF THE BOOKING TO ARRANGE FOR THE ZOOM MEETING, PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM OR JUNK FOLDER* *Cancellation Policy: please contact us for cancellations or rescheduling

Contact Details

  • Brooklyn, NY, USA

    ‪(858) 381-2417‬

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