And We're Back! NFS Rejoining the Blog Space

Welcome to the Nested Feng Shui Blog! It's been a While, and this version is going to be a bit sassier and more informal

Feng Shui the Millennial Way

Hello again, I am Tracy McDowell a feng shui consultant living in Brooklyn, New York. During the pandemic my work shifted from the California mansions and Los Angeles homes I was used to balance into the digital space. In 2017 I began to research The Digital Age and how technology is evolving and effecting our lives- specially while at home. I have told the story now in podcasts and article interviews, but it bears repeating; I became interested in tech-life-balance working as a feng shui consultant and noticing a trend of "remedies" (ways to increase balance in the home or office) "not sticking." The common denominator was technology, phones TVs, laptops, tablets. This inspired the creation of "Digital Feng Shui" which I now teach at the Digital Wellness Institute, which is feng shui focused on bringing flow, ease, and balance into our digital spaces, as well as teaching how to step away from tech and reexamine our physical spaces and world around us. This blog will be a container for the thoughts, exploration and research I do to keep improving my digital feng shui offerings so subscribe to the newsletter for more stories about tech-ethics, digital play, nature deficit disorder, how to de-clutter and email inbox, the digital wellness events I attend, and defining words like "digital native" and "phubbing."

A woman in an orange shirt using a mac laptop.

Deep Dives into Tech Centric Talks and Events

I recently attend the A Species Between Worlds Exhibit about "our Nature, our Screens." It is an interactive Photography Experience by John Mack. He is also speaking on a variety of panels, and I was able to meet him and ask him about "digital natives" and how technology is expanding with their rapid ability to adjust to these new digital spaces.

Stay Tuned for Digital Wellness and Balancing Digital Spaces

These topics quickly spiral out into a so many topics. What do you want to hear more about?

Leave a comment, and/or sign up for a consultation or other service to start to balance your spaces to transform your life! and remember to Subscribe.

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