Feng Shui for Your Childs Room

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Too Infinity and Balance. Feng Shui for childrens room. How a little flow can fix your child's fear of the dark, how they sleep and empower them to tidy up and keep their space clean all on their own.

​Is your child confident? Are they excited to get out of bed? Do they make there bed in the morning and put away their clothes? Are they proud to have friend over? ​More than helping your child de-clutter, clean up, and redecorate their bedroom or play room, The Nested Feng Shui approach for children's rooms is about empowering your child to build their own supportive space; a space they feel is "theirs" and thus that they are driven to keep tidy. ​

Nested Feng Shui founder Tracy McDowell has been working with children for over a decade. Most recently she worked at an elementary school with 240+ first, second, and third graders each week crafting storytelling-centric curriculum as the "Integrative Art Teacher." infohttps://www.tracymcdowell.com/integrativeartteacher Prior to teaching she had experience as a children's yoga and voice (singing) teacher volunteering through a UCSD education class at an elementary school in Chula Vista. The majority of her work with childcare stems from working as a nanny, babysitter, and summer camp counselor with children ranging from five months old to fifteen years old.

Tracy specializes in working with children on their spaces because she believes it empowers children to take responsibly for not only their space, but their lives. In the same way Feng Shui support adults who want to increase love or money, Tracy's Feng Shui for kids supports children who want to feel safe sleeping in their room, want help making (and KEEPING) there things tidy, or need support from someone other than Mom and Dad while they redecorate. ​

A Nested Feng Shui for kids session includes, but is not limited tobeginning a prelimiary tidy with the child while asking them about items in their room, establishing report and trustlistening to the child's wants, needs, and goalsthan picking a focusif they have trouble sleeping we will focus on bed placement and how to make the room feel extra cozy and safeif they think there are monsters we can do a saging/space clearing/room blessing and create a short song/chant together to keep anything at bayif they are particularly messy we will focus on emptying a closet and going through my proven steps for downsizing and putting things away, writing down guide lines for how to de-clutter and organizeif they are in transition in their life 4-5, 8-9, 11-12, we will explore how to redecorate and reorient their room to fit there new "older" status and we will talk about their hopes dreams and goals and make sure the space is supporting and encouraging them to work towards and achieve them Before leaving I will bless and room and we will do a brief game or mediation that closes and protects the space.

​Feng Shui means "wind water." Is is practice of learning how energy flows and the most gentle, graceful, grounded ways to exist among constant changes. It is an ancient practice initially developed for finding auspicious building locations, but can be expanded out to all walks of life, particularly into scared spaces like a bedroom that help a child feel grounded and safe.

​Lil bonus! Since Tracy is also an interior designer: having studied aesthetic and art history, as well as layout and set design, the Too Infinity and Balance offering includes making your childrens room look like it came out of a magazine. The beautify of Tracy's brand of inter design is it does not spend money. As a Feng Shui Consultant she has seen and truly believes that everyone has a deep intuition and ability to attack that they need. In almost all of her clients homes she works with what she has, moves it while she is with you and makes everything look 100bucks with out spending a penny. Her magic is seeing what is available and making the best use of it. ​

Too Infinity and Balance is a playful way to introduce children to basic Feng Shui principals at an early age that will empower them to take care of and enjoy the space you as a parent have given them.

In general, Tracy clients pay $225-$350 an hour for her time, training, and expertise. She recognizes that not everyone has partners or wallets who are comfortable with this rate. In some special cases clients have worked out trades and in a few instances she has found clients who believe strongly in the good that comes of the work she does and are wiling to sponsor another client. In short, equal energy exchanges welcome. Contact with any questions. ​

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