Our Methodology

Creating Solutions For Your Space

The emphasis on consultation and deliberation at Nested Feng Shui helps us ensure quality work and efficient time and budget management. Our team of talented design experts sits down with each of our clients to form a collaborative list of interior design ideas. We then transform what is on paper into reality, making sure to work closely together with our client throughout the process.

Services We Offer

From residential spaces to commercial projects, the spaces you spend most of your time in are definitely worth the extra love and attention Nested Feng Shui can give them. Each home, nest, bedroom, office, closet, space is unique and thus approached differently. That said, there are some established frameworks that have worked well in the past--see if any speak to you. 


- Too Infinity and Balance: Feng SHui for guiding children to shape supportive space they are proud and excited to keep clean and tidy. 

- Feng Shui for Supportive Sleep

- Minimal Money Spent Feng Shui (Transforming Your Space Using What You Have).

- Abundance; Feng Shui for Money 

- Feng Shui for Love

- Feng Shui for Healthy Eating (Holistic Eating Disorder or Food Sensitivity Approach) 

- Too Much "To Do" Feng Shui for To Do Lists

- Blowing in the Wind (Feng Shui for High School Seniors) 

- Feng Shui for shared spaces (Dorm Rooms) 

- Computer Files Feng Shui 

- Space Clearings

- Feng Shui for Empty Nesters (Transitioning to or from having a college student move in or out) 

- Car Feng Shui 

- Feng Shui for Home Office

- Sell That House, Fast; Feng Shui for Real Estate

- Interior Design and Feng Shui for Vacation Rentals 

- Entrance Feng Shui 

- Feng Shui for Health and Hygiene (Bathroom and Mess Kit Feng Shui) 

- Rituals (establishing super charged habits) 


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