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Hello, I am Tracy

I am a certified Feng Shui Consultant studying digital technologies' impact on humanity with the Digital Wellness Institute and pioneering approaches for balance in both physical and digital spaces. 


As a feng shui consultant, my mission is balance. Feng shui is optimization through observation, specifically observing and mimicking how natures'  equilibrium. 


Over time I noticed that my carefully prescribed feng shui remedies for my clients were negatively impacted by other spaces: phones, email inboxes, television, and social media. These digital spaces detracted from balance and alignment and negatively impacted my client's overall wellbeing. 


To truly bring my clients the balance I began to address the elephant in the room, technology, and find a way to remedy both physical and digital spaces.

Short Cuts To Re-Balancing
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Want a Witness on Your Journey?
I have worked with private and corporate clients on how to achieve equilibrium in their homes both digitally and physically, as well as re-designed wellness offices for massage therapists, acupuncturists, and beauty salons.
Whatever you are imagining it can benefit from a bit of recalibration and ease.
Be it speaking, teaching, creating, or guiding I got you. 

“How we live with technology

is the cultural issue of the next half-century”

- New York Times

This site has streamlined information about Feng Shui and Digital Wellness for balancing yourself, home, and relationship to technology to optimize your space to support your wants and needs. All feng shui + digital wellness information specific to Nested Feng Shui must be cited.

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