What is the design process like at Nestedesign?

Nested Feng Shui is rooted in the idea that everyone has innate intuition and access to "flow." Feng Shui means wind water and is about tuning into how these effect us and our environment. "Flow" is the energy moving constantly between everything. In Feng Shui we are able to map and asses its effect using China's five element cycle. During a consultation Tracy guides her clients to drop into their intuition and adjust their space so they can experience and feel "flow" and how what they do externally builds the optimal environment for their dreams and goals to flourish.

Can Nestedesign help us with furniture shopping as well?

Yes, and paint shopping, and lighting design, and most aspects of interior design. 

Why Tracy?

 The beauty of a Feng Shui practice with Nested Feng Shui is you get all the wisdom and expertise of a classically trained Feng Shui consultant and the thousands of years of experimentation and implementation of knowledge for the home and life in one easy (some might say enjoyable) package- Tracy McDowell. Tracy loves Feng Shui. She whole heartedly believes there is magic in wanting to change ones life, by changing ones space. She appreciates being able to share a practice which inherently acknowledges that everyone has their own unique style and goals and enjoys and excels personalizing each client (soon to be friend) experience.

That's a lot of money, is it worth it?

The result of investing in a Nested Feng Shui Consultation gliding into effortless into a sense of secure and harmonious luxury, With a space tailored to support you and your goals you will be surprised how conned you will feel to everything else in your life, how suddenly proud you are to show off your space 9as if it is a new work of art). Explore the site and when you are ready reach out and invite Tracy to guide you through a Nested Feng Shui practice. Whats you surround yourself with often directly reflects how you live and what you love, let an expert optimize that energy exchange between external and internal.