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Glad you found your way here. Feng Shui is a powerful practice, and the beauty of any practice--dance, meditation, handwriting--is that they’re fluid and ever-evolving. Feng Shui is a practice, and that means that there’s no right or wrong way to approach integrating it into your life. And just like with yoga, or piano, or rock climbing, it’s often easiest to learn with a guide.



Nested Feng Shui was founded by Tracy E. McDowell after studying with Alana Cruz from The International Feng Shui School, founded by Amanda Collins. Tracy is based at the Edge of Los Angeles between Pasadena and all the Lalaland magic. She has worked with clients in the beautiful cities of Rancho Santa Fe, Encinitas, Cardiff by the Sea, various parts of Los Angeles, and San Francisco. 



Tracy is drawn to Feng Shui because it’s a versatile and results-driven way to help others. A consultation begins with unearthing what a client wants to attract to their life: love, money, prosperity, clarity, abundance, balance, peace... anything. Then, Shes work to seamlessly integrate the wisdom from Classical and Intentional Feng Shui, to arrange the client's home or business to support that intention. This usually takes the form of suggestions, such as on the furniture layout in a room, supportive colors to consider, flying star remedies, specific totems, and any other steps which realign a home or office to become a reflection of what a client would like to create and draw into their life.



The goal of Nested Feng Shui is to help clients exhale and expand into their hearts by settling into their homes.


She specializes in the intersection of physical spaces and technology. As a member of the Digital Wellness Warriors Trade Collective, I am up to date on the latest research and healthy tech trends. She combines both knowledge bases to find elegant solutions for the healthy use of 21st-century technology in the home and office.


Exhale. You are here, you have found a space to snuggle in. Nested Feng Shui is a place to learn, and to grow, so feel free to reach out with any questions. This site has streamlined information about Feng Shui and balancing your home, to help you optimize your options for feeling settled in your space.





{ love & light }

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Dramatic Dew Drops
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 Want to find love? Make more money? Feel good about your body? Sleep better? Rest more fully?


Nested Feng Shui will help.


Read more in the



The goal at Nested Feng Shui is to exhale



expanding into the heart by settling into our personal spaces

(i.e. homes, offices, bedrooms, gardens, buildings)


Like a baby bird in a nest, Nested Feng Shui wants you to feel safe and supported in your home, office, or other personal space so you feel supported and set up for success.


A Nested Feng Shui Consultation

brings balance


ancient feng shui wisdom



digital wellness research

to build external spaces that nurture internal bliss. 

Read about Feng Shui, Digital Wellness and Tracy


Exhale. You are here, you have found a space to snuggle in.


Explore the offerings



Reach out with any questions.


{ love & light }

Feng Shui and Digital Wellness

The "rapid growth of technology has caused a decline in the quality of our focus, productivity, and health of our relationships." Tracy is uniquely qualified to balance technology within our lives and spaces.  As a founding member of the Digital Wellness Collective in 2016, part of the core team for building the first Digital Wellness Day, as well as a well-reviewed Feng Shui consultant Tracy ensuresoptimized interactions with technology so we feel supported rather than strained. 

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Tracy E.



As a Feng Shui Consultant, Tracy loves guiding clients through the process of getting to flow with their home, office, or business. She is committed to Feng Shui as a practice because she has seen how balancing a space supports, nurtures, and ignites dreams, desires, and goals. Nested Feng Shui unique is because Tracy is unique. She has created a specialized major at UCSD in Storytelling, taught elementary schoolers a storytelling-centric art curriculum, and sings with a jazz band. Tracy is invested in deep listening and personalizing according to each client’s personality and needs.​

"Too Infinity and Balance" (Feng Shui for Children)

"Too Infinity and Balance" is an extension of Nested Feng Shui's interest in digital wellness combined with Tracy's background with children. These Feng Shui consultations are specifically for children and teens. Together we reevaluate their wants and how their space and technology can be integrated into said space to supposed their goals. Though intentional tidying up and decorating children and teens can shift their patterns and habits, especially around digital wellness and in regards to screen time and sleep. Feng Shui for children increases a child's likelihood to take responsibility for their space and leave their technology at the door. 

Feng Shui for High-School Seniors

Transitioning from child to adult is a big step. Before embarking on new adventures let go of unnecessary baggage, learn the freedom of only inviting in objects and belongings which bring joy. Blending the KonMarie method with Feng Shui wisdom, Nested Feng Shui offers an comprehensive assistance with decluttering and downsizing childhood bedrooms before moving onto college or other post-graduate adventures.


Bedrooms need to be de-cluttered and clear to make room for the new exciting adventures ahead. During this delicate time as a high-school senior, it can be helpful to have a guide to hold space for letting go of unnecessary baggage in the form of old clothes,  and knickknacks. Move into the next phase of your life with only objects that spark joy. 

"If there is light in the soul, 
There will be beauty in the person. 


If there is beauty in the person, 
There will be harmony in the house. 


If there is harmony in the house, 
There will be order in the nation.


If there is order in the nation, 
There will be peace in the world."

~Chinese Proverb

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 5.14.27 PM.png

My personal space has been forever transformed artfully and mindfully into the room of my dreams. Tracy did an amazing job illuminating new organizational options for large furniture to catalyze transformation and growth in my life. So far, I feel much more at peace in my space. She is so talented and willing to share her wisdom with an open heart.

Gavriella R


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