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Who is Tracy? 

Tracy E. McDowell

Tracy (they/them) founded Nested Feng Shui after studying with Alana Cruz from The International Feng Shui School, founded by Amanda Collins. Tracy is based in Brooklyn, NY. currently working remotely during COVID. 


In the past, Tracy worked with clients in the beautiful cities of Rancho Santa Fe, Encinitas, Cardiff by the Sea, various parts of Los Angeles, and San Francisco. 

Tracy is drawn to Feng Shui because it is a versatile and results-driven way to help others. A consultation begins with unearthing what a client wants to attract to their life: love, money, prosperity, clarity, abundance, balance, peace... anything. Then, Tracy works to seamlessly integrate the wisdom from Classical/Traditional and Intentional/Modern Feng Shui with evidence-based Digital Wellness practices from the Digital Wellness Insitute to arrange their client's home or business to support the clients' intention. This usually takes the form of suggestions, such as furniture layout in a room, best directions based on compass readings and directions, supportive colors to consider, flying star remedies, specific totems, and any other steps which realign a home or office to become a reflection of what a client would like to create and draw into their life.

Tracy specializes in the intersection of physical spaces and technology, as know was Digital Feng Shui, coining the term, "digital laundry." Tracy is an original member of the Digital Wellness Collective, attended the first Digital Wellness Summit in 2017, and co-authored the first Digital Wellness Tool Kit in 2020. They are up to date on the latest research and healthy tech trends as well as conversations about best tech practices. Tracy combines both knowledge bases to find elegant solutions for the healthy use of 21st-century technology in the home and office. 

Feng Shui is a powerful practice, and the beauty of any practice is that it is fluid and ever-evolving. Just like any practice--yoga, music, dance---it is often easiest to learn with a guide;

Tracy will guide you through shaping your space to support you and your goals. 

Clients describe Tracy as calm, inviting, intuitive, and wise beyond their years.

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