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As a Feng Shui Consultant, Tracy loves guiding clients through the process of learning to flow with their home, office, or business. Tracy is committed to feng shui as a practice because it is a daily personal practice for striking a balance in both physical spaces and digital spaces in the age of digital distraction. 


Tracy loves exploring how to optimize environments (physical or digital) to support, nurture, and ignites dreams, desires, and goals. Tracy values safety (nested) and flow (feng shui). Nested Feng Shui is unique is because Tracy is unique. 

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Settle Into Your Heart, By Settling Into Your Home

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Why Tracy?

"First of all, I’d like to highlight Tracys' calm, inviting personality. She made it easy for me to open up to her about my wants and desires for my own life and how to implement them with harmony throughout my house. She gave small and big suggestions on furniture and flow of my home.


It’s amazing she was able to see and intuitively get a feel for me and my home virtually. Ever since I moved into this house I’ve been blocked as to what art to use. Tracy unlocked my creative and now my walls won't be bare."

Natalie Saraf / Owner and Make-Up Artist at Gloss 

"Tracy has a gift for teaching you how to live in your home. Tracy completely transformed my space and my life. Everyone who enters comments on the space. Everyone loves it. Everyone wants to live here. I’ve never had so many people find a reason to stay or return.


A Tracy Transformation goes far beyond the space and the décor.

Tracy changes your soul. Get ready to live more fully, more completely, more luxuriously, more rested, more you."

Rick Barrera / Speaker and Best-Selling Author of Over Promise Over Deliver

Committed to enhancing

  • overall balance 

  • human relationships

  • human-centered technology design and interactions 

Re-examining technology addiction...  


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“How we live with technology

is the cultural issue of the next half-century”

- New York Times

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